Rock Drill Parts for TS-55, TJ-20, TJ-15, TH-800, and THD-1100N by Tamco

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Rock Drill Parts by Tamco

Toku rock drills are sturdy pneumatic drills used to drill through hard rock, concrete, or masonry. These drills work on forced air and are often employed with air compressors to power them.

The pneumatic rock drills by Tamco break through rocks of various different types, hence different drills with power suited to your application should be used.

The different types of rock drills by Tamco include - 

TS-55 - It is a 60 lb rock drill which is the heavy version of all the rock drills by Tamco. They are tough and are meant for jobs that require more power and have to cut through tough materials by using large drill bits.

TJ-20 and TJ-15 - These rock drills are usually used for breaking through relatively softer materials encountered in road construction, shaft sinking, stone quarries and masonry, bricks, and blocks used in general demolition work.

The TH-800 and THD-1100N - These are lightweight drills that are smaller in size and can be used in cramped up places to break rocks, bricks and concrete. They come with a D handle.

All the Tamco Toku rock drills should be repaired with only genuine replacement parts from Tamco to prolong the life of your drill.

Browse through our detailed parts diagram for all Tamco Toku rock drills to identify the correct parts for repairing your drill. The easy to use interface for TS-55, TJ-20, TJ-15, TH-800 and THD-1100N rock drills would allow you to find and order the right part for your air tools.