Gutter Brooms or Curb Brooms

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Gutter Brooms are also known as side brooms, Curb brooms, quickie brooms, bolt-on, snap-on, digger brooms. The Gutter brooms are used widely for street sweeping in municipal contractors and street sweeping contractors.


Curb sweeping – sweeps in front of main broom or vaccum.


Patented Wire: Best Value — Patented Wire has demonstrated to be a much stronger and harder wire with greater resistance to fatigue than traditional Gutter Broom wires.

Oil Tempered Wire: A durable wire with long life, better recovery, high carbon content, higher cost.

Poly: Used mostly on airports where wire is forbidden.

Available: Special and Heavy Fill wire count gutter brooms are also available.

SALES NOTE – See next page for detailed information on Keystone Patented Wire Gutter Brooms and why they are the overall Best Value in Gutter Brooms.