Tube Brooms

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Tube Brooms are popular sweeping solutions for cleaning street debris.


A tube broom is constructed on a solid steel core - a steel channel with filament crushed inside is spirally wound throughout the length of the tube.


The cost of a tube broom is a direct correlation to the number of wraps of material there are on the tube. When you find your competitorin selling a more competitive brush, please take notice of the amount of wraps there are on the tube broom. Please remember these are wear items, the more material there is on the product, the longer life the product will get.


All Poly: General street sweeping Poly/Wire Combo : Versatile sweeping


Standard: Our standard tube brooms meet every OEM Spec.

Heavy Duty: Heavy duty means that it exceeds OEM specifications. Keystone offers a Heavy Duty Line of Tube Broom products.