Chicago Pneumatic parts


Danse Equipment Company is your premier source for genuine repair parts for a full range of Chicago Pneumatic equipment. Our extensive inventory includes parts for:

  • Pneumatic Breakers: including light and heavy models like CP 0112, CP 1210, and CP 1260, ensuring your demolition work continues without interruption.
  • Red Rock Range Compressors: robust compressors like CPS2.0-7 through CPS7.0-7, designed to power up to two breakers efficiently.
  • CDP Dust Collectors: including the CDP Dust Collector to maintain a clean and compliant worksite during demolition and drilling.
  • Spike Drivers: for railroad, construction, and maintenance tasks, featuring models CP 1260 S SPDR and CP 1290 S SPDR.
  • Sinkers/Surface Rock Drills: like CP 0032A and CP 0069, to meet your quarry, mining, and construction needs.
  • Chipping Hammers: including CP 4125 and CP 4130 series, perfect for surface renovations and light demolition tasks.
  • Rivet Busters: robust CP 4608 and CP 4611 models, offering high power for metal and concrete applications.
  • Scabblers: with the CP 0006 and CP 0066, tailored for concrete roughing and cleaning.
  • Tampers: like CP 0003 and CP 0004, designed to compact soil efficiently around foundations and structures.
  • Motor Drills and Breakers: multi-purpose tools such as CP ROAD, CP RAIL, and CP DRILL, providing flexibility and convenience for on-site work.

As an authorized dealer, Danse Equipment ensures that every part meets the high standards of Chicago Pneumatic's craftsmanship. With our expert support and prompt delivery, maintain the performance and longevity of your CP tools. Visit to explore our parts catalog and keep your equipment operating at its best​