Pipe & Plug Test Equipment


Pipe & Plug Test Equipment

Cherne by Oatey has introduced a vast collection of pipe and test plugs to help professionals with their plugging, blocking and testing reuirements during repairing jobs on various size pipes.

Pipe test balls and pneumatic and mechanical plugs are used in repairing and testing of various plumbing systems like Water sewer and general plumbing.

The pneumatic plugs and test balls can be used in both PVC and metal pipes and are very effective solution to perofrm pressure testing and various other diagnostic procedures to find leaks and other defects in the plumbing system. 

Pipe and Plug test equipment comprise of Pneumatic test balls like blocking plugs, bypass plugs, sewer air test plugs and pneumatic test ball accessories, mechanical test plugs like Grippers, Kaps and mechanical plugs, and other testing equipment for low presure joint testing, deflection testing, smoke testing, low pressure air testing, vaccum manhole testing, hydrostatic testing and other accessories and parts.

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